Do You Know All About Marijuana? If Yes Read This

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Cannabis smoking isn’t a new practice. It has been there in various cultures for centuries. A history of cannabis smoking dates long ago to 2737 BC.

The primary evidences regarding the application of cannabis are which is available from China and India, where it was used as medicine. However, in ancient times, it had not been used for smoking.

It has been considered that its effect by inhalation was discovered accidentally by throwing some leaves burning.

Since that time its pleasant fragrance has had an enduring effect on humanity. There are 2 and more types of cannabis, learn more about it at this website.

Earliest evidences of burnt cannabis have been located at archaeological sites at Romania by recognized archaeologist Andrew Sherrat.

The carbon dating shows its age as 5000 years old! Cannabis was used for religious purposes and before the birth of Christ, that is evident from “smoking cups” containing remnants of burnt cannabis.

The flowering tops and leaves of cannabis plants can be used the recreational purposes in India and China.

Sherrat have also been able to detect the cannabis in older ceramic tripod bowls. Inside the ancient Mesopotamia, cannabis was adopted as a possible incense to thrill the gods.

The Greek society have also been not stranger to cannabis use.

Their history implies that people employed to throw cannabis flowering tops around the hot stones and go ahead and take pleasure of inhaling the smoke inside a closed tent.

Even containers have been found where these hot stones were contained. Cannabis smoking was prevalent amongst males and also females who belonged to improve socioeconomic classes in those days. Source